Record project duration time for customer billing

timeEdition is targeted at all users in a computer workplace who value detailed documentation of their working hours, whether they use it for customer billing or for monitoring the duration of individual projects. timeEdition focuses on simple usability and a thoroughly clear overview for day-to-day use.

timeEdition simplifies the work involved in entering your time data, while at the same time ensuring that incorrect time data cannot be input. For example, forgetting to stop recording when you stop performing the activity is not a problem: timeEdition stops recording automatically as per your setting for the freely definable period of user inactivity. This means that if there is no input via either the mouse or the keyboard for a specific period, timeEdition automatically stops recording.



timeEdition 1.1.6

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  • dcdog

    by dcdog

    "Fantastic program"

    Does everything you need to track time. Invaluable for freelancers. Simple, easy to use and unobtrusive. . More.

    reviewed on January 18, 2012